Other tools included with MAME


On Microsoft Windows, ledutil.exe can take control of your keyboard LEDs to mirror those that were present on some early arcade games (e.g. Asteroids)

Start ledutil.exe from the command line to enable LED handling. Run ledutil.exe -kill to stop the handler.

On SDLMAME platforms such as Mac OS X and Linux, ledutil.sh can be used. Use ledutil.sh -a to have it automatically close when you exit SDLMAME.

Developer-focused tools included with MAME


This tool is used in regression testing to compare PNG screenshot results with the runtest.cmd script found in the source archive. This script works only on Microsoft Windows.


Discrete component conversion tool.


Discrete component conversion and testing tool.


PAL/PLA/PLD/GAL dump handling tool. It can convert between the industry-standard JED format and MAME's proprietary packed binary format and it can show logic equations for the types of devices it knows the internal logic of.


This tool recompresses video data for laserdisc and VHS dumps.


This tool is used for comparing laserdisc or VHS CHD images with the source AVI.


This tool is used to perform basic data comparisons and integrity checks on binary dumps. With the -h switch, it can also be used to calculate hash functions.


Universal disassembler for many of the architectures supported in MAME.