SDL-Specific Command-line Options

This section contains configuration options that are specific to any build supported by SDL (including Windows when built with SDL instead of native).

Performance Options


Enable output of benchmark data on the SDL video subsystem, including your system’s video driver, X server (if applicable), and OpenGL stack in -video opengl mode.

Video Options


Center horizontally within the view area. Default is ON (-centerh).


Center vertically within the view area. Default is ON (-centerv).

Video Soft-Specific Options


Scale mode: none, async, yv12, yuy2, yv12x2, yuy2x2 (-video soft only). Default is none.

SDL Keyboard Mapping


Enable keymap. Default is OFF (-nokeymap)

-keymap_file <file>

Keymap file name. Default is keymap.dat.

SDL Joystick Mapping


Use special handling for PlayStation 3 SixAxis controllers. May cause undesirable behaviour with other controllers. Only affects the sdljoy joystick provider. Default is OFF (-nosixaxis)

SDL Lightgun Mapping

-lightgun_index1 <name>
-lightgun_index2 <name>
-lightgun_index8 <name>

Device name or ID mapped to a given lightgun slot.

SDL Low-level Driver Options

-videodriver <driver>

SDL video driver to use ('x11', 'directfb', ... or 'auto' for SDL default)

-audiodriver <driver>

SDL audio driver to use ('alsa', 'arts', ... or 'auto' for SDL default)

-gl_lib <driver>

Alternative to use; 'auto' for system default