Common Issues and Questions (FAQ)

Disclaimer: The following information is not legal advice and was not written by a lawyer.

Why does my game show an error screen if I insert coins rapidly?

This is not a bug in MAME. On original arcade hardware, you simply could not insert coins as fast as you can mashing the button. The only ways you could get credit feeding at that kind of pace was if the coin mech hardware was defective or if you were physically trying to cheat the coin mech.

In either case, the game would display an error for the operator to look into the situation to prevent cheating them out of their hard-earned cash. Keep a slow, coin-insert-ish pace and you’ll not trigger this.

Why is my non-official MAME package (e.g. EmuCR build) broken?

In many cases, updates to various subsystems such as HLSL, BGFX, or Lua plugins come as updates to the external shader files as well as to the core MAME code. Unfortunately, builds that come from third parties may come as just a main MAME executable or with outdated external files, which can break the coupling between these external files and MAME core code. Despite repeated attempts at contacting some of these third parties to warn them, they persist in distributing broken MAME updates.

As we have no control over how third parties distribute these, all we really can do is disclaim the use of sites like EmuCR and say that we cannot provide support for packages we didn’t build. Compile your own MAME or use one of the official packages provided by us.

Why does MAME support console games and dumb terminals? Wouldn’t it be faster if MAME had just the arcade games? Wouldn’t it take less RAM? Wouldn’t MAME be faster if you just X?

This is a common misconception. The actual size of the MAME file doesn’t affect the speed of it; only the parts that are actively being used are in memory at any given time.

In truth, the additional supported devices are a good thing for MAME as they allow us to stress test sections of the various CPU cores and other parts of the emulation that don’t normally see heavy utilization. While a computer and an arcade machine may use the exact same CPU, how they use that CPU can differ pretty dramatically.

No part of MAME is a second-class citizen to any other part. Video poker machines are just as important to document and preserve as arcade games.

There’s still room for improvements in MAME’s speed, but chances are that if you’re not already a skilled programmer any ideas you have will have already been covered. Don’t let that discourage you– MAME is open source, and improvements are always welcome.

Why do my Neo Geo ROMs no longer work? How do I get the Humble Bundle Neo Geo sets working?

Recently the Neo Geo BIOS was updated to add a new version of the Universal BIOS. This was done between 0.171 and 0.172, and results in an error trying to load Neo Geo games with an un-updated set.

This also affects the Humble Bundle set: the games themselves are correct and up to date as of MAME 0.173 (and most likely will remain so) though you’ll have to pull the ROM set .ZIP files out of the package somehow yourself. However, the Neo Geo BIOS set ( included in the Humble Bundle set is incomplete as of the 0.172 release of MAME.

We suggest you contact the provider of your sets (Humble Bundle and DotEmu) and ask them to update their content to the newest revision. If enough people ask nicely, maybe they’ll update the package.

How can I use the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics collection from Steam with MAME?

As of the April 2016 update to the program, the ROM images included in the set are now 100% compatible with MAME and other Genesis/Mega Drive emulators. The ROMs are contained in the steamapps\Sega Classics\uncompressed ROMs folder as a series of .68K and .SGD images that can be loaded directly into MAME. PDF manuals for the games can be found in steamapps\Sega Classics\manuals as well.

Why does MAME report “missing files” even if I have the ROMs?

There can be several reasons for this:

  • It is not unusual for the ROMs to change for a game between releases of MAME. Why would this happen? Oftentimes, better or more complete ROM dumps are made, or errors are found in the way the ROMs were previously defined. Early versions of MAME were not as meticulous about this issue, but more recent MAME builds are. Additionally, there can be more features of a game emulated in a later release of MAME than an earlier release, requiring more ROM code to run.
  • You may find that some games require CHD files. A CHD file is a compressed representation of a game’s hard disk, CD-ROM, or laserdisc, and is generally not included as part of a game’s ROMs. However, in most cases, these files are required to run the game, and MAME will complain if they cannot be found.
  • Some games such as Neo-Geo, Playchoice-10, Convertible Video System, Deco Cassette, MegaTech, MegaPlay, ST-V Titan, and others need their BIOS ROMs in addition to the game ROMs. The BIOS ROMs often contain ROM code that is used for booting the machine, menu processor code on multi-game systems, and code common to all games on a system. BIOS ROMS must be named correctly and left zipped inside your ROMs folder.
  • Older versions of MAME needed decryption tables in order for MAME to emulate Capcom Play System 2 (a.k.a. CPS2) games. These are created by team CPS2Shock.
  • Some games in MAME are considered “Clones” of another game. This is often the case when the game in question is simply an alternate version of the same game. Common alternate versions of games include versions with text in other languages, versions with different copyright dates, later versions or updates, bootlegs, etc. “Cloned” games often overlap some of the ROM code as the original or “parent” version of the game. To see if you have any “clones” type “MAME -listclones”. To run a “cloned game” you simply need to place its parent ROM file in your ROMs folder (leave it zipped).

How can I be sure I have the right ROMs?

MAME checks to be sure you have the right ROMs before emulation begins. If you see any error messages, your ROMs are not those tested to work properly with MAME. You will need to obtain a correct set of ROMs through legal methods.

If you have several games and you wish to verify that they are compatible with the current version of MAME, you can use the -verifyroms parameter. For example:

mame -verifyroms robby ...checks your ROMs for the game Robby Roto and displays the results on the screen.

mame -verifyroms * >verify.txt ...checks the validity of ALL the ROMs in your ROMS directory, and writes the results to a textfile called verify.txt.

Why is it that some games have the US version as the main set, some have Japanese, and some are the World?

While this rule isn’t always true, there is typically a method to how sets are arranged. The usual priority is to go with the World set if it’s available, US if no World English set exists, and Japanese or other origin region if no World or US English set.

Exceptions arise where the US or World sets have significant censorship/changes from the original version. For instance, Gals Panic (set galsnew) uses the US version as parent because it has additional features compared to the world export version (set galsnewa). These features are optional censorship, an additional control layout option (stick with no button use), and English-language voice clips.

Another exception comes for games where it was licensed to a third party for export release. Pac-Man, for instance, was published by Midway in the US though it was created by Namco. As a result, the parent set is the Japanese puckman set, which retains the Namco copyright.

Lastly, a developer adding a new set can choose to use whatever naming and parent scheme they wish and are not restricted to the above rules. Most follow these guidelines, however.

How do I legally obtain ROMs or disk images to run on MAME?

You have several options:

  • You can obtain a license to them by purchasing one via a distributor or vendor who has proper authority to do so.
  • You can download one of the ROM sets that have been released for free to the public for non-commerical use.
  • You can purchase an actual arcade PCB, read the ROMs or disks yourself, and let MAME use that data.

Beyond these options, you are on your own.

Can’t game ROMs be considered abandonware?

No. Even the companies that went under had their assets purchased by somebody, and that person is the copyright owner.

I had ROMs that worked with an old version of MAME and now they don’t. What happened?

As time passes, MAME is perfecting the emulation of older games, even when the results aren’t immediately obvious to the user. Often times the better emulation requires more data from the original game to operate. Sometimes the data was overlooked, sometimes it simply wasn’t feasible to get at it (for instance, chip “decapping” is a technique that only became affordable very recently for people not working in high-end laboratories). In other cases it’s much simpler: more sets of a game were dumped and it was decided to change which sets were which version.

What about those arcade cabinets on eBay that come with all the ROMs?

If the seller does not have a proper license to include the ROMs with his system, he is not allowed to legally include any ROMs with his system. If he has purchased a license to the ROMs in your name from a distributor or vendor with legitimate licenses, then he is okay to include them with the cabinet. After signing an agreement, cabinet owners that include legitimate licensed ROMs may be permitted to include a version of MAME that runs those ROMs and nothing more.

What about those guys who burn DVDs of ROMs for the price of the media?

What they are doing is just as illegal as selling the ROMs outright. As long as somebody owns the copyright, making illegal copies is illegal, period. If someone went on the internet and started a business of selling cheap copies of the latest U2 album for the price of media, do you think they would get away with it?

Even worse, a lot of these folks like to claim that they are helping the project. In fact, they only create more problems for the MAME team. We are not associated with these people in any way regardless of how “official” they may attempt to appear. You are only helping criminals make a profit through selling software they have no right to sell. Anybody using the MAME name and/or logo to sell such products is also in violation of the MAME trademark.

But isn’t it OK to download and “try” ROMs for 24 hours?

This is an urban legend that was made up by people who put ROMs up for download on their sites, in order to justify the fact that they were breaking the law. There is nothing like this in any copyright law.

If I buy a cabinet with legitimate ROMs, can I set it up in a public place to make money?

Probably not. ROMs are typically only licensed for personal, non-commercial purposes.

But I’ve seen Ultracade and Global VR Classics cabinets out in public places? Why can they do it?

Ultracade had two separate products. The Ultracade product is a commercial machine with commercial licenses to the games. These machines were designed to be put on location and make money, like traditional arcade machines. Their other product is the Arcade Legends series. These are home machines with non- commercial licenses for the games, and can only be legally operated in a private environment. Since their buyout by Global VR they only offer the Global VR Classics cabinet, which is equivalent to the earlier Ultracade product.

HELP! I’m getting a black screen or an error message in regards to DirectX on Windows!

You probably have missing or damaged DirectX runtimes. You can download the latest DirectX setup tool from Microsoft at

Additional troubleshooting information can be found on Microsoft’s website at

I have a controller that doesn’t want to work with the standard Microsoft Windows version of MAME, what can I do?

By default, MAME on Microsoft Windows tries to do raw reads of the joystick(s), mouse/mice, and keyboard(s). This works with most devices and provides the most stable results. However, some devices need special drivers to translate their output and these drivers may not work with raw input.

One thing you can try is setting the keyboardprovider, mouseprovider, or joystickprovider setting (depending on which kind of device your input device acts as) from rawinput to one of the other options such as dinput or win32. See OSD related options for details on supported providers.